Increasing the CTR of Your Clickthrough Campaigns

Email marketing is an extremely popular strategy and a firm favorite of many marketers globally. What’s not to like – you can churn out your emails in advance and then schedule exactly when you want them to be sent. The emails then go out on time, and inexpensively to boot.

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It’s an easy system, but one that can be frustrating as well. Sending the emails out takes no time at all, but getting someone to actually open them can be a lot more difficult. Sometimes you wish that you could reach out over the internet and scream, “Read the email – you’ll love the offer we’re making.”

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t work that way. Which means that you have to optimize every aspect of the email, from the subject line right through to the final offer that you present. You can find out more about specific optimization techniques in the EveryCloud infographic that we’ve set up after this. For now, though, we’re going to focus on improving your click-through rate.

Personalize Your Messages

Start off by at least using your client’s name. This simple change can boost the CTR by around 14% and increase conversions by 10%. About now you might be thinking, “But everyone does that.” You’d be right – most people sending emails will use the first name in the greeting.

Do that as well – your clients are expecting at least this level of personalization. Now ramp things up a little by using their first name in the subject line. Not many companies do that, do they? It will help set you apart from the masses and can be quite eye-catching for the reader.

Incorporate a Social Sharing Button As Well

This can increase the CTR by as much as 158% and it makes sense for your business. We want to make things as easy as possible for our clients to share the news of the deal. And, yes, they could just forward your email, but what if they don’t know, or don’t feel like looking up an email address?

Besides, with a simple share on Facebook, or Twitter, they get to share the details in one simple, quick step with all of their contacts.

Time the Emails Well

One of the worst mistake that marketers make is to send the emails out at the wrong time. You wouldn’t think it would make too much of a difference, because the email will always be there, but it really does.

For the best impact, you want your email to be read within the first hour of it being sent out. You can stretch that timeline out to about a day, but anything more than that and the chances of it being read become a lot lower.

You need to consider your target market and what will work best for them. When are they most likely to read the emails? Not surprisingly, EveryCloud’s researchers found that sending out your email on a Saturday could increase CTR by around 9%.

Well, those tips should be enough to get you started. Now it’s up to you to start implementing the tips. And don’t forget to read through the infographic for even more tips and tricks.

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